Each loch has good stocks of wild brown trout, each producing subtly distinct fish of good quality. Lance, the Gamekeeper is always on hand for advice as to the best locations and the flies to use. His stories and local knowledge are legendary.

Thrumster has some of the most beautiful trout waters in Caithness, all, apart from Warehouse, a hill loch located in the Yarrows Hills, are easy of access, each being a very short walk from a public road.

All are limestone based lochs and indeed, Loch Brickigoe, also known as the Marl Loch, was drained during the 19th century, so that its lime marl could be used to improve the local agricultural land. It was re-flooded 20 years ago, and is now one of the most enchanting locations in the North to fish for the wild brown trout. Fish of between half lb and 1lb are the usual, and larger fish are not uncommon.

Hempriggs is situated between Thrumster and Wick, near the A9. It has good quality fish, averaging half to three-quarters lb.

Sarclet, a low lying loch, near the sea-cliffs, produces very large fish of exceptional quality. Average is well over the pound, and many very large fish lurk in its crustacean-rich water. Patience is amply rewarded here. For a truly peaceful cast, the hill-loch of Warehouse is a half hour walk into the hills. Its trout are dark, but make good eating.

Loch Yarrows is beautifully situated in the lee of the Yarrows Hills, a most enigmatic and beautiful landscape, the hilltops around studded with the tombs, standing stones and dwellings of our Neolithic and Iron-age ancestors.

North Yarrows is located beside a Neolithic chambered cairn, on the banks of the Loch of Yarrows. A boat is moored below the cottage, for the use of guests, and is included within the cottage rent.

The cottage is most comfortable, with full central heating, fitted kitchen, colour TV, electric blankets on all beds, tumble drier, and all other conveniences. The spacious sitting room boasts an enormous traditional open fireplace. A kennel is also available adjacent to the cottage.

We can also book salmon rods on the Wick or Thurso river, on prior request. Sea-fishing also available from Wick or Scrabster.

Fishing tickets are available which cost:

  • £5 for a day bank fishing
  • £20 for a weeks fishing
  • £40 for a season ticket and
  • £20.00 for a boat for the day.

Tickets can be bought from Thrumster house or Hugo Ross in Wick, telephone number 01955 604200.


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