Stalking and Shooting


The shooting at Thrumster is very varied, being an area of very diverse habitats. The estate has 5,000 acres of grouse moor, and the rest is composed of mixed arable ground, in the small holdings known as crofts, and of rough pasture, marshes and waterside ground near our lochs, burns and ponds.

The moor holds good stocks of grouse, and partridge are found on its fringes. In August, the snipe are also in season, and usually feature in any grouse-day bag. We have a certain number of resident snipe, but the main influx appears in October/November.

In September, partridge come into season, and Thrumster has always held stocks of our native grey partridge. Their numbers are boosted each year by locally reared birds. They provide testing sport, as they burst from under a dry-stone wall, or from the whin bushes, and guns must be quick to seize the moment, or it is lost.

Our best mixed shooting begins in October, when pheasant are in season, the snipe are arriving, and towards the end of the month, the first woodcock are beginning to come in. Wildfowl are beginning to come in, and both Sarclet and Hempriggs are favoured roosts for many different species of overwintering duck, especially wigeon, mallard and teal, as well as for the greylag geese that arrive in mind-boggling numbers. New flighting ponds have been constructed, and quickly colonised by our resident duck.

We also continue to shoot small numbers of grouse into October. This gives the possibility, with rabbits and pigeon, to have as many as 10 species in the 'bag' on any one day.

A dram is served at the end of the day, with a chance to mull over the events and excitements of the sporting day.


Roe stalking is done in woodland and in the more open ground and our local roe may be found on the moor in the whins and rushes and in the small scattered plantations.

High seats are available at strategic points.


Brace limits to be determined. Snipe included


WALKED-UP MIXED SHOOTING (Bag may include snipe, partridge, woodcock,pheasant, golden plover, rabbit and pigeon - 1 evening flight at duck or woodcock included, or a morning flight at geese. After mid-October an extra flight can be added at £40/flight.

Flights:  A flight at geese in the morning, or duck or woodcock in the evening is charged at £60/gun/flight.
Ducks are taken on fed ponds and certain other points.
15 geese would be the maximum allowed in any one flight.

Bucks :
1st Apr – 20th Oct: £120 per buck (If unsuccessful, a modest fee of £50  is charged per outing).
21st October – 31st Mar: £100 per day (no extra charge for the animal)

(All game and venison is the property of the estate, but may be bought at current wholesale rates, or gifted at our discretion).

Minimum price is for three guns.  Maximum number in a party is 5.  If more guns need to be catered for, our neighbouring proprietor can often accommodate the extra sportsmen for any of the above.
A deposit of 50% for all sport is payable on booking, with the balance payable 10 days before arrival.
For roebuck stalking, 50% of the basic stalk price is payable, balance 10 days before arrival. This will then be adjusted to account for the number of bucks taken.
Comfortable self-catering cottages are available, and Bed and Breakfast or fully-catered lodge accommodation at Thrumster House (£50 B&B or £90 full board). Shoot days are held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Other activities, such as sea fishing, salmon fishing or red deer stalking can be arranged locally.

Most major credit cards accepted

The ‘keeper’s gratuity is entirely at the guest’s discretion


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